The field of genetics and bioengineering is one of the fastest growing fields in science and technology. Our multidisciplinary MSc program at International Burch University is unique since it encompasses two of the confronting aspects of science and technology. Namely, within the program our students are taugtht the theoretical principles of fundamental life sciences and at the same time their real time application in the laboratory and in their fileds of interest. Furtheron our students learn how to use this data that was before just stacked in piles, as information needed to design inteligent systems based on machine learning tehniquesthat are the foundation of the technological future. This multidisciplinary and multiaspect approach within our MSc program enables students to develop a unique perspective and continue work and education in different fileds not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina but worldwide.

We believe that the Genetics and Bioengineering MSc Program will be a springboard that will equip you with fundamental and technical knowledge needed to succeed in this competitive field worldwide.

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The Burch GBE MSc Program is designed for individals from different backgrounds including fundamental sciences (biology, genetics, botany), applied sciences (medicine, diagnostics, pharmacy, industry) as well as engineeringsciences who are willing to broaden their horizonts, gain fundamental and practical knowledge in the field and compete with the current global trends. This MSc program is designed for the individuals who are already part of different laboratory or industrial teams and want to gain additional education that will aid them in their line of work as well as for those who want to strieve in their academic career and engage in scientific projects and studies.

The Department of Genetics and Bioengineering at International Burch University established five laboratories for conducting experimnets at all three study cycles: 1. Research Laboratory 2. Cell biology and Microbiology Laboratory 3. Chemistry& Bioengineering Laboratory 4. Molecular Biology and Genetics 5. Plant Growth Laboratory Within our MSc program through seminar 1 and seminar 2 students will attend differnt workshops lead by specialists in their filed including: Quorum quenching and sensing, biofilm research, DNA fingerprinting, cell culture techniques etc. After successful completion of the workshops students will get certificates for mastering the conducted techniques. Through these sessions professors and assistants are preparing the students to be able to design and conduct experiments on their own in the future (for gaining degrees or publishing papers) as well as to acquaint them with the methodologies used in laboratories of different facilities (medical diagnostics, bioengineering etc.) and in industry. It is important to point out that our master students use the laboratories of Genetics and Bioengineering Department to carry out their master projects guided by their mentors. Through our internationl collaborations it became evident that the experimental results acquired in our laboratories are of high quality and can compete with world class laboratories. Crucially GBE Laboratories are the place where our students can witness the realization of their experimental ideas, carry out their experiments, publish the findings and show the world their capabilities.

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This is a Master study about ourselves. The „Story of Us“ is the true sense of the word. During a one or two year study program guided by leading geneticists and anthropologists, you have the chance to perceive all the secrets of human evolution, migration of modern people, the origin of certain populations, nations and maybe even your own origin. There you will encounter forensic anthropology, genetics and all the questions that you did not know about yourselves but did not have anybody to ask. However, now you have - since leading experts from the Insitute of Anthropology, Zagreb, International Burch University lead by Prof.Dr. Damir Marjanović and guest world recognized experts (like Prof.Dr.Dragan Primorac) are ready to answer your questions

The introduction of the II cycle of study from the field of anthropological genetics in english is derived from a broader social need for the application of anthropology as a science, especially in the interference with molecular genetics, in different spheres of human activity. Namely, in the field of applied molecular biological research, the study of migration flows, applied forensic science, but also other spheres of social functioning, especially in this part of Europe, the study of the genetic basis of anthropogenesis and development of humans on the whole, as well as successful merger of socioanthtopological and bioantrhropological components into a unique graduate study is indispensable. It is important to emphasize that such a study, in our knowledge, is not established in the region, despite the fact that it is very wanted not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but in neighboring countries as well.

The study program is meant for professionals who are developing their career in the field of applicative genetics, molecular anthropology and anthropology on the whole, as well as knowledge from social sciences which they must posses in the realm of their education from the fields socioanthropology, bioanthropology, migration processes and their genetic models, forensic genetics, archeological anthropology, history of migrational courses etc. Modul based classes in courses that cover a wide range of subjects from the filed of anthropology and genetics, as well as their connection with socioanthropological phenomena, will enable these professionals additional information and specialty in a whole number of topics. This type of profiling will be enabled to them through interdisciplinary work with lecturers that capitalized their professional expirience and knowledge through the development of their academic career in similar scientific disciplines. The study program of anthropological genetics builds a strong theoretical ground for the understanding of events in the process of anthropogenesis but also current socioanthropological and bioanthropological trends and also insists on a hands-on approach with the aim of a practical understanding of current practice in the filed. The students are expected to combine the gained theoretical knowledge with practical (laboratory) skills of interdisciplinary analysis, critical thinking, logical conclusions, and integration of data and their application in empirical analysis of problems and appearances in current bioanthropological and socioanthropological trends

The proposed program has emerged as a result of the collaboration of International Burch University, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Department of Genetics and Bioengineering and Institute for Anthropology, Zagreb, Croatia. Namely, during the year 2014, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the two institutions, which foresees collaboration in different fields including the collaboration on the development of new study programs in the past period and based on this agreement joint applications on several projects and calls like Nato science for peace and RISE 2000, in which these two institutions confirm their commitment for future collaboration. Also, during that period many joint scientific publications were published in which the joined teams established successful scientific collaboration. The mentioned activities and market analysis, as well as the development of technology that enabled the evolvement of distance learning education models, made possible the realization of a graduate study from the field of anthropological genetics, in which scientists and professors from these two institutions will be involved. The mentioned study program is supposed to be a true international program which will enable students, mainly from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and later entire Europe to gain knowledge from this current and interesting field.

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Azra Frkatović

Obtaining a master's degree at International Burch University was my key entry point into the scientific world. Not only did I have an opportunity to obtain knowledge from professors who are well recognized in their fields, but I also had an opportunity to get hands-on experience in research laboratories whilst working on my final project. Upon completion of my master's degree, I possesed valuable laboratory and research skills and was ready to be actively involved in the scientific community and to collaborate with researchers from all over the world. What I like the most about IBU is that student's skills, knowledge and will to learn are highly recognized and valued. Students are given numerous opportunities to be involved in extracuriccular activities and obtain experiences and skills which shape them on their way of becoming great scientists.

Samira Smajlović

Studying at the Department of Genetics and Bioengineering at International Burch University has provided me with a great experience, and has greatly contributed to the development of my laboratory, as well as intercultural, communication and organizational skills. Via practice outside the BiH borders, and with the cooperation of experts in the field of Genetics and Bioengineering and participating research teams, as well as through demonstration work within the laboratory and participation in the organization and maintenance of laboratories, I have gained the knowledge and skills necessary for independent work, scientific research and my own contribution to science. The possibility of participation at regional and international symposiums and conferences has enabled me to acquire new acquaintances and establish contacts with experts from the state and private sectors.

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